10 Ways to Make Your Content Work Harder

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Your content – Web site, blogs, social media posts, videos, white papers, case studies, customer testimonials – is your most important marketing asset. By keeping it updated and using best practices for “in-bound” marketing, you can use your content to tell, and sell, your story.
Here’s a spring refresher course:


  1. Make a plan. Ask the questions: How much time will it take? Who’s responsible? Do we need to get outside help? What marketing goals does it support?
  2. Mark your calendar. An editorial calendar will help you stay focused and keep from repeating yourself. Create a content timeline. Do it at least quarterly.
  3. Get smart. Deliver content that is relevant and makes your reader more intelligent.
  4. Create and curate. Keep up with what’s trending in your industry and develop content around it. Or quote and link to other sources.
  5. Tell a story. Make an emotional and personal connection with your reader. A story can help you engage and inspire action.
  6. Keep it short and sweet. Write in an approachable way and break up your content with subheads, graphics, photos, etc.
  7. Get to the point. Keep the most important things at the top. Readers will drop off, so get your message across as quickly as possible.
  8. Mix it up. Employ a variety of content types to engage different audiences. Podcasts, videos, social media to link back to your blog, your Web site, and your YouTube channel.
  9. Know your SEO. For the best results, use SEO tools to organize, analyze, and act on your SEO keywords. If the search engines can’t find you, what’s the point?
  10. (Don’t) forget about it! No matter what type of content it is, update it periodically to keep it fresh.