Creating a Content Marketing Plan

Having a plan before you do most things is a good move (traveling, cooking, starting a family), and the same holds true for content marketing. Creating and using a content plan will create cohesion and consistency across all content channels, deliver your brand message more effectively, and stay relevant to your readers.

Most content marketing experts have a list of questions to ask before you launch a content marketing plan, and the lists are pretty much all the same:

  • What is our brand message?
  • Will that message deliver sales?
  • Who is our audience? (Most brands have more than one.)
  • What is our audience like? What do they like?
  • Where can we reach them best?
  • What kind of content do we need?
  • How can we keep them engaged?
  • Who is going to create the content and update it?
  • How can we measure success?

I like the succinct summary on Grammar Chic’s blog, The Red Ink.