Losing Control of Your Content?

With so many options available to deliver content to the masses, many companies start with the best of intentions, and gradually lose control of their content. How does this happen?

  • Jumping the gun: quick to start a blog, newsletter, social media- Twitter, Pinterest, etc. but without giving it real thought. Things don’t get updated, accounts even get forgotten– but they’re still out there, and someone will see them. Don’t open a new social media account or content channel without a good reason and a good plan.
  • Too many hands in the cookie jar: there’s no central person or people handling content, so not only is the message that you’re sending out not clear, items don’t get updated regularly or line up.
  • thinking you don’t need to update all of your content on a regular basis. Even the standard content on your website should still be refreshed from time to time to keep up with SEO and stay relevant to what’s happening now in your field.
  • Editorial calendars are important, and so is marketing strategy. Finding your voice and being consistent with the personality of your brand and the goals of your brand across all content is key.